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Value Wales - eProcurement Services

Value Wales' eProcurement Service (ePS) programme supports electronic procurement across the Welsh public sector.
ePS is responsible for developing and delivering a long-term eProcurement strategy and service. It replaces the xchangewales programme, although Value Wales continues to deliver xchangewales systems and services under the name ePS:
          • eSourcing – including eTenders, eAuctions, evaluation, programme, contract & performance management. This workstream supports the delivery of web-based services that allow buyers and suppliers to conduct their sourcing activities online. 
          • eTrading – An online service that allows public sector buyers to view and order goods and services through a wide range of electronic catalogues.
          • Welsh Purchasing Cards (WPC) - The WPC is a purchasing card that is available at no cost to organisations. It offers a quick, cost effective and safe mechanism for the purchase of all goods and services. Suppliers also benefit from the improved cash flow as payment is guaranteed between 3-5 days. 
Contact the ePS project management office at: eprocurementservice@wales.gsi.gov.uk

Institute for Competition & Procurement Studieshttp://icps.bangor.ac.uk/

Bangor University’s Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies The Institute is a leading center for procurement research, training and procurement innovation, working alongside a wide range of procurement professionals both within the public and private sector.

ICPS aims to help public procurement professionals benefit from better quality offerings from suppliers, by introducing innovative and lean procurement methods that are designed to improve procurement processes, techniques that remove unnecessary barriers for suppliers and tools that ensure purchasers remain within the boundaries of the law. The Institute also supports suppliers by assisting them in their pursuit of Public Sector opportunities via the acclaimed Tender Review Service, a Service that was shortlisted by the Chartered Institute for Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) in 2013 as ‘Best Procurement Consultancy Project of the Year’.

Both the Welsh Government and major UK political parties and policy makers, as well as public bodies, regularly consult ICPS as they seek cutting edge innovations and ideas to modernise procurement policies, policies fit for a national audience but consider a globalised economy.

To complement these aims, ICPS delivers a range of world-class events designed to raise the standards of Procurement at Home and Abroad. The Annual Procurement Week programme is a flagship event run by the Institute every year, a week-long international conference that unites some of the biggest names in ‘procurement’ from around the world, to present and lead discussions on a wide range of procurement, economy and trade topics, where leading experts assess the practicality of operation of key public procurement principles, and offer novel operational strategies that align organisational objectives with organisations’ supply bases.

More information about Procurement Week 2015 can be found here: www.procurementweek.org.uk

The Institute also organises the Welsh National Procurement Awards. The Awards celebrate achievement in Wales in Public Procurement, Public Service Delivery and Supply, and Public Sector Tendering. More information about the Welsh National Procurement Awards 2015 can be found here: http://www.welshprocurementawards.org.uk/.  Find out more about the Institute. 

Commerce Decisions

Commerce Decisions provides software and services to support the procurement and post contract review processes for both buyers and suppliers. For buyers they improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation process in order to make the best buying decision based on all the relevant criteria. For bidders they improve the quality and timeliness of proposals to best meet the needs of the potential buyer and thereby give them the best chance of securing the contract. AWARD software has been used by the defence, aerospace and utilities industries, healthcare and local and central government in a wide range of procurements of differing sizes and complexity. Find out more. 



Twice2much  are dedicated to helping organisations both large and small recover lost profits. With in-depth Accounts Payable Duplicate Payments Audits & Recovery ‘HealthChecks’, they examine every single aspect of your procure-to-pay process, allowing the identification – and recoverery – of any overpayments or unclaimed financial benefits. Twice2much operate on a contingency ‘no recovery, no fee’ basis. Find out more.